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Discover the 9 Most Enchanting Summer Wedding Flowers

J. Morris Flowers

Summer weddings are a magical time, full of romance and beauty. For couples looking to make the occasion even more special, flowers are an essential ingredient in creating an enchanting atmosphere.

To help you find the perfect summer wedding flowers for your big day, we've created this guide. 

These summer wedding flowers will give your wedding that extra touch of beauty and extravagance. From classic whites and pinks to bold colors and lush textures, discover a variety of refined floral arrangements.

Let us take you on a journey through some gorgeous ideas for summer wedding flowers that will leave your guests in awe.

Garden Roses

Garden roses are a beautiful, timeless choice for a summer wedding.

With their abundance of colors and variety of petal shapes and sizes, garden roses create the perfect romantic setting for any special occasion.

Plus, garden roses are known for their sweet scent, which adds an extra layer of ambiance to your special day.

Garden roses come in a range of colors, from soft whites and pinks to vibrant oranges and reds.

Some garden roses even feature unique patterns with several shades blended together in each bloom.

A standing arrangement of garden roses looks especially stunning as the centerpiece at an outdoor wedding or reception dinner. And they look equally elegant in bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and more.

Whatever your vision is for that special summer day, garden roses can be used to create the perfect atmosphere you've always dreamed of.


Hydrangeas are a beautiful, popular choice for a summer wedding.

The fluffy flower heads and lush leaves give any floral arrangement an extra pop of texture and color.

Hydrangeas come in a variety of shades, from pale pastels to vivid blues or purples.

These flowers work well as both formals and casual arrangements, so you can use them to create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.

Whether you're going for a vintage-inspired look or modern elegance, hydrangeas are sure to be an eye-catching addition to your bouquet and centerpieces.

Spruce up table settings with hydrangea arrangements of varying heights, or line the aisle with them in creative ways at your outdoor ceremony.


Sunflowers, with their exuberant yellow petals and stalwart stems, are the perfect pick for your summertime wedding

Nothing radiates joy like a bouquet of sunflowers! Plus, they epitomize adoration and loyalty - making them an ideal choice to create that ever-lasting memory on this momentous day of yours.


A summer wedding adorned with fragrant roses is an enchanting sight that will delight guests and leave memories to cherish.

Roses are versatile in appearance and symbolize both love and intrigue, making them perfect for the romantic setting of a wedding.

One can choose to go all-in with numerous different types of roses, or keep it simple with just a few accent flowers - whatever style fits the mood and season best.

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace is a beautiful addition to any summer wedding. With its delicate and detailed flowers that come as naturally white or blush in color, Queen Anne's Lace can make a strong yet understated statement in any bridal bouquet.

Whether used on its own or mixed with other flowers, it adds an element of the picturesque countryside to the entire atmosphere of the wedding.


Summer weddings come alive with the addition of fragrant and blooming herbs like fresh lavender. When you think of a summer wedding, the pastel color scheme of lavender and rose hues are often first to come to mind for seasonally-inspired floral arrangements.

Lavender gives off a classic romantic air that no other flower can rival, bringing in a sweet, delicate scent that visitors to the wedding will not soon forget.

Sweet William

It is no surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge included Sweet Williams in her royal wedding bouquet, for according to Victorian floral language this flower symbolizes gallantry. Undoubtedly she chose it in honor of her own valiant prince.

The Sweet William White flower is a rare and beautiful bloom, with numerous smaller petals that create the appearance of a ball-shaped blossom. Its softness will add an exquisite detail to any wedding bouquet or floral centerpiece. Sweet William also comes in shades of pink.


Snapdragons are an ideal pick for elevating a floral arrangement and radiating texture, but also have the ability to appear ravishing on their own in bouquets or centerpieces.

The distinct linear structure and texture reminds us all of the summer days in the garden "snapping" the petals as children. 

Snapdragons are versatile, colorful, and can be incorporated into any summer wedding celebration to add style and charm.