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What Is a Realistic Wedding Floral Budget?

J. Morris Flowers

Creating a budget for a wedding is challenging for any couple. Knowing what to set aside for flowers can be even more intimidating not knowing how wedding flowers are priced and other hidden costs that may be involved. If only Pinterest had price tags!

The misconception with wedding flowers is that they are just like any other flowers you might buy for your home or for a friend. On the contrary, wedding flowers are the most time-consuming to create due to intricate designs and hand-wiring, typically require higher-end blooms and greenery, and often need teams of experienced designers to deliver, set-up and help clean-up throughout the event so the bride and groom can enjoy the day. 

So what can you realistically expect to pay for your wedding flowers? Here are 4 price ranges and what you will get for your budget:

Up to $1,500 - Wedding Party Flowers 

For this price range, you will have a beautifully crafted bridal bouquet (which we believe you should never, ever skimp on), bridesmaids bouquets for an average sized wedding party, boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen and fathers, as well as corsages for mothers. 

To stay in this price range we suggest picking up your flowers. This budget is perfect for an intimate and simple wedding where you need expertly arranged wedding party flowers but are DIY-ing the reception decor. 

Up to $3,500 - Wedding Party and Ceremony 

There is a big jump to this next price range for a reason. Adding florals for your ceremony in addition to the wedding party flowers, and doing it right, can more than double your budget. 

Your ceremony decor will be in every photo of this magical space where you say “I do” in front of family and friends. 

Adding two large arrangements on pedestals, a floral arch or backdrop, and aisle decor will turn an average space into something to behold. And in this price range you can afford it. 

Remember, your guests will be looking at the florals waiting for the ceremony to begin, setting a tone of romance and celebration. 

A budget of $3,500 will also allow for rental of needed columns and arch structures as well as a delivery, install and clean-up team. (Note: more than the national average of 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen can add more cost here.) 

Up to $7,500 - Wedding Party, Ceremony and Reception Florals

For this budget, you can add lovely reception flowers in addition to the wedding party and ceremony florals mentioned above. 

Your guests spend the majority of the day in the reception space, so softening the room with fresh arrangements and candles on each table will offer a festive and memorable atmosphere. 

To stay within this budget, it’s best to choose a traditional low centerpiece.  

Ceremony florals can be repurposed by your floral install team around the head table or sweetheart table, and bridesmaids bouquets can be placed on bars or accent tables in vases. This price range allows for a team to take care of everything from delivery, install and clean-up. (Note: larger than average wedding parties and more than the national average of 120 guests could put you at the high end or even over a $7,500 budget.) 

$10,000 and Beyond - Wedding Party, Ceremony and Elevated Reception Decor

With a budget in this range, in addition to everything mentioned in the three cost profiles above, you can add some “WOW” designs to your day like a magazine-worthy arch, hanging flower installation or dramatic raised centerpieces. 

If you plan to go all out on florals and decor and add multiple large-scale designs you will need to increase your budget to as much as $15,000  to accommodate more stems of flowers, more studio designing the week-of the event, and a larger install and clean-up team. But it will be worth every penny!

At J. Morris Flowers, we know planning a wedding is like a part-time job on top of a full-time job. So we hope the budgeting breakdown above will help save you time and understand up front what you can expect when visiting a wedding florist. 

Just remember, every wedding is unique and a reflection of your personal style regardless of budget and size. Happy planning!