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The Best In-Season Wedding Flowers For Each Month of The Year

J. Morris Flowers

Wedding planning can often feel like a puzzle, with each piece needing to fit just right. One essential piece of this puzzle is choosing the right wedding flowers. Not only do these blossoms add beauty and aroma to your special day, but selecting in-season blooms can also be a smart, cost-effective choice. At J. Morris Flowers, we pride ourselves on guiding couples through the vibrant world of wedding flowers, ensuring your day is as breathtaking as the love it celebrates.

Spring Wedding Flowers

As nature awakens, spring brings a bounty of wedding flowers, presenting a variety of colors and textures suitable for any theme. Astilbe, with its feathery, dreamy blooms, becomes a perennial favorite, paired with the sleek elegance of tulips and calla lilies. Rice flowers add a charming and delicate fragrance that enhances the overall floral arrangement.

We recommend weaving these springtime favorites into every aspect of your decor, from stunning bouquets to stunning venue arrangements.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer weddings glow with an array of vibrant and colorful flowers. Garden roses bloom with a classic beauty, while scabiosa and ranunculus offer a touch of whimsy. Sweet peas, with their delicate fragrance, can add a nostalgic and romantic layer to your arrangements. Embrace the season's abundance by using these blooms in creative ways, from bouquets that dazzle to centerpieces that capture the essence of summer.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall brings a palette of warm and rich colors to your wedding, with flowers that embody the season's heart. Chrysanthemums and dahlias stand out with their vivid hues and intricate petals. The soft textures of bunny tails and the rustic elegance of pampas grass can add depth and interest to your floral arrangements. These autumnal treasures can transform your venue into a cozy, inviting space that reflects the season's beauty.

Winter Wedding Flowers

While winter may offer fewer floral varieties, the options available are no less stunning. Orchids exude sophistication and elegance, while ranunculus and freesia can bring brightness and charm to any arrangement. Anemones, with their striking contrast and delicate petals, offer a unique beauty that can enhance the magic of a winter wedding. 

Despite the season's challenges, there are ample opportunities to create breathtaking displays that embody the spirit of winter.

Wedding Flowers by Month

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding month ensures your arrangements are as vibrant and fresh as possible. Here’s a quick guide to help you select the perfect blooms for your special day, month by month:

  • January: Roses and Hydrangeas, known for their classic beauty and variety in color.

  • February: Anemones and Spray Roses, offering delicate beauty and a romantic feel suitable for Valentine's month.

  • March: Ranunculus and Garden Roses, perfect for starting spring with a burst of colors.

  • April: Peonies and Lisianthus, adding a touch of elegance as spring is in full bloom.

  • May: Dahlias and Hydrangeas, capturing the full spirit of late spring with their lush, vibrant blooms.

  • June: Roses and Garden Roses, ideal for the peak of wedding season with their timeless appeal.

  • July: Hydrangeas and Sunflowers, reflecting the height of summer with bright and bold colors.

  • August: Dahlias and Anemones, providing a transition into the richer colors of late summer.

  • September: Garden Roses and Mums, matching the beginning of fall with softer, warmer hues.

  • October: Roses and Hydrangeas, perfect for romantic fall weddings with their deep and varied shades.

  • November: Spray Roses and Ranunculus, offering warmth and charm as the weather cools.

  • December: Roses and Anemones, bringing elegance and celebration to holiday-themed weddings.

Each flower not only brings its own unique beauty but also carries deep symbolic meanings, making your wedding even more personal and memorable.

Creative Ideas for Wedding Flowers

Moving beyond traditional bouquets and centerpieces, consider incorporating in-season flowers into more aspects of your wedding. Imagine invitations adorned with floral motifs that hint at your wedding's theme or favors that include seeds of your favorite flowers. Even your wedding cake can be a canvas for edible blooms, offering a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

The Perfect Blooms at J. Morris Flowers

Selecting in-season wedding flowers is more than a practical choice; it's a way to infuse your celebration with natural beauty and a sense of time and place. At J. Morris Flowers, we are passionate about helping couples find the perfect blooms to complement their love story. If you're in Northern Virginia or the greater Washington DC area, we invite you to reach out

Let us guide you through the enchanting world of wedding flowers, ensuring your day is as unforgettable as the blooms that grace it. Contact us to schedule a consultation and let's bring your floral dreams to life.