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Color Trend: Romantic Fall Wedding Flowers

J. Morris Flowers

When we think of fall decor, most people immediately envision bold colors like orange, red, burgundy and golden yellow. However, we are seeing a strong change in the colors for fall wedding florals moving away from bold colors to a more muted version of fall. Earthy and soft shades like champagne, mocha, coffee and peach mixed with ivory and subdued green accents like Eucalyptus are at the core of this new look. 

What are the ingredients for creating this design style?  


Roses are the quintessential symbol of romance and are a perfect fit for a romantic fall wedding with a muted color palette. In this new trend, it's essential to choose the right shades and varieties of roses. Some of the top choices for this design style include:


A two-toned peach beauty that adds a touch of elegance to your arrangement



“Juliet” David Austin Garden Rose  

Known for its soft, blush hue and intricate petal structure, it's a favorite for a romantic ambiance.



A soft cinnamon pink color that complements the muted fall color palette beautifully.



A bi-color rose with tones of cinnamon, adding warmth to your floral designs.



A true coffee color that adds depth and richness to your arrangements.



A champagne color rose that enhances the soft, romantic look.

Roses in general are available in over 500 shades of color. And each year new varieties like those listed above are debuted that are ideal for a beachy fall color palette. 


Mums are a quintessential fall flower that evokes feelings of fall in all of us. Traditionally available in shades of orange and yellow, mums have also evolved to match the new muted fall color trend. You can now find them in shades like champagne, copper, and soft orange. These soft-hued mums add a touch of elegance to your arrangements, perfect for a romantic fall wedding.

Photo shows ‘Barista” roses left, and large single-stemmed Chrysanthemums to the right.

Accent Flowers and Greenery 

To achieve the romantic fall look, the right accent flowers are key. These include:

  • Peach or white Hypericum Berry: These small, delicate berries add a touch of soft color and texture.

  • Brown Upright Amaranthus: With its long, cascading shape, it brings a unique element to your arrangements.

  • White Waxflower: Known for its dainty, star-shaped blooms, it adds a touch of elegance.

  • White Cottage Yarrow: With its delicate, textured appearance, it complements the muted color palette perfectly.

  • Queen Anne's Lace or "Dara" Laceflower: These lacy, delicate blooms are the epitome of romance.


It’s essential to choose greenery wisely when creating a romantic fall design. Eucalyptus is the best option for keeping the color palette soft. Eucalyptus comes in a several varieties including: 

  • Gunni 

  • Baby

  • Feather

  • Silver Dollar

  • Parvafolia 

  • Seeded 

Image above: The bouquet above features peach “Juliet” garden  roses, white Ranunculus, coffee roses, brown Upright Amaranthus and Gunni Eucalyptus greenery. 

Centerpiece above features Barista roses (dead center), roses mixed with white hydrangea, Dahlias and brown orchids with accents of Parvafolia Eucalyptus. 


This white pumpkin arrangement features Toffee roses, white Playa Blanca roses and strawberry Queen Anne’s Lace. 


These amber vase arrangements add an autumnal look within a softer color range. 


In summary, the new trend in fall wedding flowers departs from traditional bold colors, favoring a more muted and romantic palette. Key elements include roses, mums, accent flowers, and thoughtfully chosen greenery to achieve an elegant, soft look. This trend allows you to infuse your fall wedding with the warmth and romance of autumn while maintaining timeless elegance.

As you plan your fall wedding, remember that the right flowers set the tone for a truly romantic celebration. Whether it's classic garden roses, exotic Cymbidium orchids, or rustic sunflowers, there's a perfect bloom for every romantic vision. Carefully selecting your wedding flowers infuses your ceremony with the enchantment and love it deserves.

With over two decades of experience, J. Morris Flowers invites you to let us enhance your cherished moments. Contact us today, and let our expertise guide you in crafting the ideal wedding florals that perfectly capture your enduring love and devotion. Your extraordinary day deserves our exceptional designs – connect with us today to make it truly memorable.