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A Guide to Wedding Bouquet Shapes and Styles

J. Morris Flowers

Planning a wedding takes months of planning and decisions that ultimately result in a beautiful and romantic event that reflects your personal style. Your bridal bouquet not only needs to be the perfect accessory to the dress you’ve spent months choosing and altering, but also the showpiece of the wedding decor. Your bouquet will grace the most important moments of your day and take center stage in almost all of your photos.  

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into our top wedding bouquet styles, each with its unique charm, shapes and beauty, ready to sweep you off your feet.

Loose and Airy 

The loose and airy bouquet style is characterized by its organic, free-flowing elements, which is perfect for outdoor, rustic and garden-themed weddings. 

This bouquet has a “just-picked” look where the flowers are enhanced by whimsical greenery that is given space and prominence in the bouquet.  Greenery such as Eucalyptus, Ruscus, Jasmine Vine  as well as long and leggy flowers like Stock, Veronica and AStilbe thrive in this arrangement.


Horizontal or Crescent  

For years the round and tear-drop shapes have been the dominant shape for bridal bouquets. But a more modern and unique bouquet style has emerged as the horizontal bouquet. A true statement design, this longer and wider design offers space to show off each and every bloom in a floral landscape.

The style of bouquet can sometimes have a crescent or moon shape. The best blooms for a horizontal style bouquet are larger showy blooms like garden roses, Peonies, Anemone, roses, and any and all accent flowers. 


For those seeking timeless romance, the cascade bouquet offers a timeless allure. With flowers flowing downward in a waterfall-like arrangement, this style evokes a classic, romantic look. 

The cascade bouquet is a beautiful choice for formal weddings, and flowers like roses, Lisianthus, and cascading greenery like ivy create the perfect blend for this style. As you carry this bouquet, you'll embody true elegance and grace.


The teardrop bouquet echoes the cascade style but is more compact, with a graceful tapered end. This shape features a rounded top that tapers to a point at the bottom, allowing for either a tightly arranged classic teardrop or a more loosely arranged, organic look.

Achieving a balanced teardrop shape requires a thoughtful selection of flowers like roses, lilies, and lisianthus. Consider your height and dress style when coordinating the bouquet for a harmonious visual effect.


Embrace timeless charm with a compact bouquet, a smaller, tightly packed cluster of florals. With an emphasis on elegant simplicity, this style complements both intimate and formal ceremonies. Choose flowers like roses, peonies, or ranunculus where the flowers are placed side-by-side in a more full and lush design. 

To add a touch of sentimentality, incorporate heirloom brooches, delicate ribbons, or even a piece of lace from an heirloom dress.


The round bouquet is a classic choice that exudes timeless beauty and symmetry. Its traditionally balanced shape complements various wedding dresses, making it a universally adored option. 

From roses and peonies to Dahlias and hydrangeas, all of them effortlessly adapt to the round bouquet's structure. Adjust the bouquet's size to your preferences, ensuring it harmonizes with your gown's silhouette and your personal style. 

When contemplating this classic style, remember that utilizing a single type of flower can be exceptionally impactful.


As you journey through the world of wedding bouquet shapes and styles, you'll find a stunning array of options that resonate with your vision and spirit. From the organic allure of the natural bouquet to the celestial elegance of the crescent bouquet, each style carries its own story, waiting to intertwine with yours. 

Remember, the bouquet you hold on your special day is more than just a collection of flowers—it's a reflection of your unique journey to the aisle, a token of your love, and a testament to the beauty of your union. 

With over two decades of experience, J. Morris Flowers invites you to let us enhance your cherished moments. Contact us today, and let our expertise guide you in crafting the ideal wedding bouquet that perfectly captures your enduring love and devotion. Your extraordinary day deserves our exceptional designs – connect with us today to make it truly memorable.