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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Bouquets

J. Morris Flowers

Whether you are going for a classic upscale event at a hotel or a casual barn party with bright colors, your bridesmaid bouquets can be one of your day's most impactful floral designs. Bridesmaid bouquets are a beautiful way to not only honor the people who have supported you leading up to your wedding, but also add an elegance to the ceremony and your photos. But how do you know whether you are choosing the right look for your bridesmaids? 

Before you make the investment in bridesmaids flowers, here is everything you should know about choosing the perfect bouquets:

Choosing the Color Palette

Your bridesmaids dress color not only dictates the florals they will carry, but also the color palette for the entire event. In order for the ceremony and decor (and ultimately your photos) to feel cohesive this color will need to be central to your floral theme. 

Choose a coordinating color  -  time to go back to art class for a moment and review color theory. The color wheel reminds us that there are age-old color combinations that work because they exist in nature. So consider choosing flowers in colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Opposite colors in a bridesmaids bouquet will “pop” against dresses. 

Choose a monochromatic color  -  to achieve a more streamlined feel choose flowers in the same color as the dresses. Pink dresses paired with flowers in shades of pink or lavender dresses matched with shades of purple will also be pleasing to the eye and make the perfect accessory the bridesmaids dress color. 

Choose neutral colors - a third option is to choose a neutral color like white or ivory for your bridesmaids bouquets. You can have peace-of-mind that no matter the dress color a neutral bouquet always looks stunning and elegant. 

If you’re just getting started choosing flowers, stop by your local hardware store and pick-up some paint chips to see how different colors look against the dresses you are considering. 

Choosing a Bouquet Size 

Generally there are three options for bridesmaids bouquet sizes:

Standard size bridesmaids bouquet - the most common size bouquet includes about 12-15 stems of flowers and greenery making them about half the size of the bride’s bouquet. 

Posy or clutch size bouquet - made popular in Victorian times, these smaller bouquets contain just a few blooms and greenery making them perfect for simpler weddings or large wedding parties.

A single bloom or two - have your bridesmaids hold just one of your favorite flowers or if they are smaller flowers bundle three together. Single blooms that make a statement include: roses, Callas lilies, Peonies, gardenias, Protea and orchids. 

Choosing Flowers 

Flowers that match the bridal bouquet - it is common to have the bridesmaids carry the same combination of flowers as the bride to ensure all the bouquets coordinate well. For both the day-of the wedding and in your photos for years to come, selecting all the same flowers will be pleasing to the eye. However, you are never limited to choosing identical florals for everybody. Consider adding a few different high-end blooms to your bouquet to make it stand out more than the others. Consider garden roses, Peonies or Dahlias to differentiate the bridal bouquet. 

Flowers that differ from the bridal bouquet  - another beautiful look is for the bridesmaids to carry flowers that complement but are different from the bride’s bouquet. For example, the bride could carry a bouquet of all white Peonies while the bridesmaids carry all pink roses. It’s a clean look for both bouquet styles but a different flower choice.

One-of-a-kind bouquets for each bridesmaid - honor each bridesmaid with a bouquet made of her favorite flower. Or alternatively, have each bridesmaid carry a flower in the same color palette.

Remember, it is your big day, so your bouquets need to be special. So, it would be best to learn some popular wedding flowers so you can make an informed decision. It always helps to visit your local flower shop to get more ideas.

Choosing a Florist

From 12 bridesmaids to three, choosing the right bridesmaids bouquet will have a significant impact on your wedding day. Finding a floral designer who can guide you through the process of choosing your bouquets will help you feel confident about this investment. When choosing a florist, you should find someone creative who listens to your vision and pulls together the right floral pieces for your event.

The best florists get into the business because they love listening to their clients' ideas and transforming them into a floral story that makes every bride and bridesmaid feel like they are living in a fairy tale.

Order Your Bridesmaid Bouquets Today

Now that you know the best way to choose bridesmaids bouquets, think about the color, size and styles that will make you and your bridesmaids look down and smile on your wedding day. Our expert floral designers are ready to put together the perfect florals to make your bridesmaids swoon.

Contact us today, and we can help you assemble stunning bouquets for your upcoming wedding. Let's design your beautiful wedding flowers - together.