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Wedding Flower Trends 2023: What You Need to Know

J. Morris Flowers

Did you know roses, rosemary, and jasmine are considered “lucky” flowers for your wedding bouquet? The fact is, when it comes to choosing wedding flowers, there are countless traditions and superstitions you can follow.

Along with following traditional wedding flower ideas, you may also want to seek more conventional trends. In 2023, we are seeing some fantastic new ideas in the world of wedding flowers.

Like fashion, wedding flower trends in 2023 will change and evolve. This year is all about creativity and expressing your style. Let's explore some of these exciting new trends.

Wedding Bouquets Stealing the Show

A wedding bouquet is the heart of any bridal look. It's more than just a bundle of flowers; it's a personal reflection of yourself. In 2023, wedding bouquets will be bold, beautiful, and unique.

Brides choose flowers and mix different shapes to create a one-of-a-kind bouquet. Some are even adding sparkling gems or little charms that have special meaning.

Today, you will find that “anything goes” regarding wedding bouquets. Let your personality and uniqueness shine through your flowers.

Hanging Flowers

One of the most fantastic wedding flower trends in 2023 is hanging flowers. Instead of having all the flowers on the tables, why not hang them from the ceiling?

Hanging flowers create a magical, garden-like atmosphere. High-end floral studios are creating hanging installations that will make your guests say, "Wow.” They can range from simple hanging vases to grand floral chandeliers.

Colorful Palettes

In 2023, color palettes for wedding flowers are all about being bold and vibrant. Bright oranges and coral, deep purples and magenta, and elegant shades of blues are very popular.

But the best part is that you don't have to stick to just one color. Mixing and matching different hues can create a stunning visual effect.

Wrapped Bouquets

A wrapped bouquet is another trend that brides love. Instead of the traditional ribbon, brides use fabric that has a special meaning.

It could be a piece of a beloved grandmother's dress or a tie their grandfather wore. Wrapped bouquets give the bouquet a personal touch,  making it even more special.

Flower Crowns

The flower crown is also famous. Once a symbol of the 1960s' free-spirited vibe, flower crowns are now a must-have accessory for many brides. They can be as straightforward or as extravagant as you want. To create a coordinated look, some brides use the same flowers in their crowns as in their bouquets.

Embrace the Wedding Flower Trends 2023

On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. By following the wedding flower trends of 2023, you can have a celebration that is beautiful, unique, and totally you.

Whether you choose a bold bouquet, a hanging flower installation, a colorful palette, a personally wrapped bouquet, or a stunning flower crown, your wedding will be a day to remember.

We are here to help make your flower dreams come true. Contact us to share your vision.