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Top 6 Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Your Wedding

J. Morris Flowers

Flowers have played a role in marriage ceremonies and their celebrations for hundreds of years. And with good reason. Flowers add beauty, color, and a feeling of importance that is irreplaceable. 

Since you have most likely never planned a wedding before, let's walk through some show-stopping ways to add beautiful blooms into your wedding for maximum impact.

1. Photo-Shoot-Ready Bridal Bouquet

Now hear us out. We know the bridal bouquet is the most recognized floral design in modern-day weddings and something everyone knows about. But don’t miss the opportunity to make a statement with this bundle of flowers you choose to hold. Our advice is to never skimp on your bridal bouquet. Work with your florist to choose the perfect blooms, design style, and color palette to match your dress and the overall feel of your wedding.


From a loose garden style to a tightly bound set of blooms, your bouquet should be the perfect accessory for your dress. Also, note that your bouquet will be in every photo of the two of you, so pay special attention when choosing its look. It's also traditionally tossed to all the single women at the wedding during the reception. 

(Photo: Barn at Willow Brook, Leesburg, VA) 

2. Backdrop to the Ceremony 

As your guests sit and wait for the ceremony to begin, excite and inspire them with florals that meet the moment. Consider a wedding arch, flower wall, or two large arrangements to flank the couple for your wedding ceremony. This magic area where you say “I do” in front of your family and friends deserves beautiful blooms. Ceremony florals can also be repurposed for the reception during cocktail hour.


(Stone Tower Winery, Leesburg, VA, Photography: Stephanie Messick Photography) 

3. Flowers on the Aisle 

Two of the most magical and photographed wedding moments include walking down the aisle (processional) and back up the aisle (recessional). Adding florals to the chairs or pews, or florals outlining the path are stunning ways to enhance these moments. 

(Location: Washington Golf and Country Club, Arlington, VA)

4. Entrance to the Reception

First impressions are everything. Setting the tone for your wedding reception creates a mood and feeling your guests will remember. Consider adding florals at the entrance to your tent or venue entrance, add arrangements to a foyer or lobby, or accents of flowers on a welcome sign. 

(Photography: Astrid Photography

5. Reception Tables 

Again, an obvious and traditional place for flowers at a wedding is on every reception table. But there is more to this idea than you think. Consider that your guests will spend the majority of the event (5-6 hours) at their reception tables from the toasts, dinner, dancing, and all the way through dessert. 

Consider adding full and lush centerpieces in a low design or a raised style on a tall vase, or place flowers in front of your guests to enjoy. Not to mention florals on every table give the entire reception space a feeling of grandeur. Flowers on the reception tables guarantee an impactful use of your wedding flower budget.


(Location: St. Regis Hotel Washington D.C., Photography: Candace Adelle Photography) 

6. The Couples’ Table 

Wherever the happy couple sits becomes the focal point of the reception. And your guests and closest friends traveled near and far to celebrate your marriage with you. So, all eyes are on you as you celebrate together. Whether you choose an intimate sweetheart table for two or a grand King’s Table that seats your entire wedding party, adding florals and decor distinguishes this space from all others in the room as the table of honor. Elevate this table with a series of floral arrangements, garlands, and candles to really make a statement at your wedding reception


(Location: Stone Tower Winery, Leesburg, VA)  

There Are All Sorts of Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Your Wedding

There are all sorts of ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day. By sticking with our advice for flowers in these six key areas, you can rest assured your wedding flowers will be impressive, memorable, and beautiful. 

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