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Spring Wedding Bouquet Trends: Top Flower Choices for Your Special Day

J. Morris Flowers

Spring weddings carry a special enchantment, largely due to the abundance of vivid and versatile floral options this season offers. The arrival of spring brings with it a palette of vibrant hues and delicate pastels, setting a perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Embracing the essence of spring in your bridal bouquet adds to the magic of your special day.

The Essence of Spring in Your Bouquet

Planning a spring wedding opens up a world of possibilities with bright and airy blossoms that fit any wedding theme. When selecting flowers for your bouquet, consider those that are not only visually stunning but also hold special meaning. This combination of beauty and significance will make your bouquet not just a part of your wedding attire but a reflection of your personal story.

Our Top Picks for Spring Bridal Bouquets


These lush, full blooms are a perennial favorite for spring weddings. With their delicate petals in shades ranging from soft blush pinks to pristine whites and vibrant corals, peonies effortlessly embody romance and prosperity, making them an ideal choice to grace your bridal bouquet with an air of timeless elegance and beauty.


With their delicate layered petals and vibrant array of colors, ranunculus flowers effortlessly bring texture and depth to any bouquet. Their diverse color palette, ranging from soft pastels to bold and vibrant hues, allows them to perfectly complement a wide range of wedding themes, from timeless and classic to modern and contemporary.

Whether you're envisioning a romantic garden-inspired celebration or a sleek and minimalist affair, ranunculus flowers are sure to add a touch of elegance and beauty to your special day.


As a timeless and enchanting symbol of the vibrant season of spring, tulips bring an unparalleled sense of elegance and grace to your bridal bouquet. Their delicate petals, gracefully unfurling in an array of captivating colors, make them a versatile choice that effortlessly coordinates with your meticulously curated wedding palette.

Whether you opt for the soft pastels of blush, lavender, or baby pink, or the bold and vibrant hues of crimson, coral, or sunshine yellow, tulips will infuse your bouquet with a touch of natural beauty that perfectly complements your special day. 

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas, with their vibrant colors and intoxicating fragrance, offer both whimsy and enchantment to any bouquet. As their delicate blooms unfurl, they seem to transport you to a fairytale realm, where love and romance are in the air. Imagine a dreamy wedding setting, adorned with these ethereal flowers, creating an ambiance of pure magic and beauty, evoking the essence of spring in all its glory.


Lilacs, with their enchanting fragrance and delicate clusters of tiny blooms, not only add a touch of nostalgia but also exude a timeless charm. These captivating flowers, known for their vibrant hues and graceful appearance, are particularly suited to create an exquisite ambiance for vintage-themed weddings. Lilacs are used in bouquets, centerpieces, or as decorative accents, infusing an extra layer of elegance and romanticism to any wedding celebration.

Incorporating Local Florals

Incorporating local and seasonal flowers into your bouquet not only supports local growers but also adds a unique and personal touch. For those in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas, consider adding local favorites like Virginia Bluebells or Cherry Blossoms to your arrangement.

Customization is Key

At J. Morris Flowers, we believe in the importance of understanding each bride's vision and style. Every bouquet we create is tailored to reflect the bride's personality and the overall theme of the wedding. Whether your preference leans towards bold and colorful or subtle and understated, our goal is to craft a bouquet that embodies your unique essence.

A Symbol of Love and New Beginnings

The bridal bouquet is more than just a collection of flowers; it symbolizes love, joy, and the commencement of new beginnings. It becomes a significant and cherished element of the wedding day, embodying the love story it represents. Selecting the right flowers for this emblematic piece is a journey of personal expression and creativity.


Choosing the right flowers for your spring bridal bouquet is a delightful aspect of wedding planning. Embrace the spirit of the season, explore the array of floral possibilities, and let your bridal bouquet be a reflection of the beauty and promise of your wedding day.

Visit J. Morris Flowers or contact us today to embark on your journey towards crafting the perfect spring wedding bouquet, a bouquet that not only complements your wedding day but also becomes a cherished symbol of your love story. Check out our custom weddings page and start planning your dream wedding today!