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Mixing Metallics and Your Wedding Flowers

Jennifer Morris

A mixed-metal table settings and flowers at Landsdowne Resort and Spa, Leesburg, VA.&nbsp;

A mixed-metal table settings and flowers at Landsdowne Resort and Spa, Leesburg, VA. 

Brides and grooms throughout Northern Virginia and the rest of the country are working with their floral designer, venue, and rental company to create a “mixed metallic” look for reception tables. This means that the cutlery, chargers, vases, votives and candle holders selected are a mix of metal finishes like gold, silver, rose gold and now copper. So, where did this concept for an elegant blending of metals come from? It started with mercury glass.

Copper makes a debut with this charger at Landsdowne Resort and Spa

Copper makes a debut with this charger at Landsdowne Resort and Spa

A few years ago, mercury glass votives became a “must have” feature for reception tables. We were renting them by the dozens. Mercury glass pairs nicely with either silver or gold cutlery, because once lit, the warm gold tones on the inside illuminate the silver on the outside – creating a perfect blend for both metals. Brides were able to add more glitz and glam to their reception. Since then, the idea of mixing metals has really caught on, and the concept is allowing the once serviceable cutlery and charger to contribute to the sought after illusion of warmth and glamour.

“Rustic” mixed with “glam” have become an absolutely delightful combination of styles. I really love to see a bride dressed to the nines (haute-couture) standing on a hillside or in front of a time-stamped outbuilding decorated with decades-old peeling paint. The juxtaposition of the glamorous bride and the aging backdrop is stunning. Virginia’s barns, inns and wineries are excellent venues for rustic-glam weddings.

Gold and silver cutlery adds visual interest.&nbsp;

Gold and silver cutlery adds visual interest. 

Additionally, these new metallic offerings are allowing couples to really get ritzy in an indoor venue. The table pictured above is from the Clubhouse at Landsdowne Resort and Spa. I provided the gold lanterns, rose-gold votives, rosemary branches and luxurious white blooms while the resort provided the silver and gold cutlery, copper chargers and textured linens. The warmth and elegance is the perfect balance for the dark wood ceiling and stunning views. We used four different metals for these photos, but I think that you can combine two or three for a lovely effect.

Choosing flowers and metallics that complement each other

There are so many combinations of flowers that can and will work with pairings of mixed metals. Here are a few suggestions:

All Four Metallics Combined

We used a neutral palette of white flowers and greenery for the photos at Landsdowne but a pop of any color would work really well. For example, burgundy peonies will pick up the rich tones in the metals.

Silver and Gold

I like the timeless and stately feel of this duo. Navy with any color: coral, pink, blush, or yellow create an almost preppy look for spring and summer. Try “Isle” spray roses or Zinnias.

Gold and Rose Gold

Rose Gold with Lavender - a unique combination.&nbsp;

Rose Gold with Lavender – a unique combination. 

I find these metals work well with elegant and soft-colored blooms in champagne, ivory, peach and antique green. We are working with “Juliet” garden roses and stock to capture peach and pink.

Copper only

I am looking forward to seeing a lot of copper this fall and winter.  Jewel tones like red, burgundy and blue help create the warmth we are looking for in cooler months. White flowers with herbs for a spring or summer arrangement could include roses and ranunculus, dill, rosemary and sage.

Silver only

I love silver for a light, nautical feel. We are doing a wedding in a few weeks in a tent with silver vases, votives and cutlery, lots of greenery and all white flowers.

There are so many combinations of flowers to suit each of these metallics. Your floral designer can help you choose metallics that will complement the color palette you have chosen for your wedding.

If you read my post from last week, you will remember that Rose Quartz and Serenity are the 2016 colors of the year. Like the colors of the year, we are finding mixed metallics in retail and fashion. Yesterday, I was shopping in Target with my school-aged daughters. There was a display of useful hooks for clothing, scarves and jewelry all made from different metals. A buyer could combine them all as displayed or select the metal that expresses their individual preference and style.

You can and should take the same approach as you choose the metals for your arrangements and reception. Choose them all if you like the idea of having that focal point, or select just one or two that reflect your personal tastes.