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Mimosa Flower for International Women’s Day

Jennifer Morris



Daffodils, lemons, hydrangea and Ruscus in a white ceramic vase for spring

Spring arrangement of lemons, Daffodils, hydrangea, and Mimosa Flower paired with Champagne Mimosas. Photo: J. Morris Flowers

Mimosa flower (a.k.a. Acacia flower ) is the official flower of International Women’s Day celebrated throughout the world every March 8. And what a gorgeous and unique flower it is!



Mimosa Flower, aka Acacia flower, J. Morris Flowers

Native to Italy, this bright yellow flower made up of tiny pom-like blooms was chosen by a group of Italian feminists just after the end of second world war, and it spread throughout Europe and beyond. Today the cheerful flower has taken its place as the international symbol of the political, social and economic contributions of women throughout history.

Mimosa flower exudes a warm, honey, iris-like, powdery and balsamic fragrance and grows as a tree. Mimosa is said to have properties that help to relieve stress and depression. It is also used in perfumes.

The flower plumes have a furry or fuzzy appearance due to the many stamens on each Mimosa flower. Acacia flowers range in appearance from creamy white to golden yellow.

Did you know, International Women’s Day began as a memorial and protest day following a tragic event in New York in 1908? In early March of that year, the all-female workers at a textile factory went on strike to protest their substandard working conditions. On the 8th March, the owner of the factory blocked the exits and set the building on fire while the 129 factory workers who were trapped inside, made up of mostly Italian immigrants. Sadly, all the women workers died in the fire.

From that year on, the tragedy of this day was memorialized in Italy as La Festa Bella Donna. On this day throughout Italy women are given flowers by their husbands, fathers, sisters, mothers, children and employers. Bakeries and restaurants serve delicacies to resemble the Mimosa flower such as “Torto Mimosa” (a yellow spongy cake with orange flavor), Spaghetti Mimosa and Risotto Mimosa.

In honor of all women this year, as part of our Food & Flower Pairings we have matched Mimosa flower with Jennifer’s Lemonade Mimosa cocktail recipe. A beloved drink by so many women, champagne as always has a light and bubbly taste, and in this recipe we add sugar and lemon juice to give this unique drink a sweet and sour taste. A sprig of mint is not only beautiful but fresh and flavorful.

Cheers to all the contributions of women in the past, present and future.



Lemonade Mimosa recipe, J. Morris Flowers