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J. Morris Flowers Summer Collection: Loudoun County Inspired

Jennifer Morris

Heather Lipp, J. Morris Flowers,&nbsp;Marketing and Content

Heather Lipp, J. Morris Flowers, Marketing and Content

When studio owner Jennifer Morris (my sister), and designer Katie Elliott, began to share their ideas for the studio’s summer collection they realized that agreeing on a direction was going to be very simple. Both women are so encouraged by the “local” and “organic” movements sweeping through their community and in cities and towns everywhere. “We wanted to bring Loudoun County and Northern Virginia floral arrangements that were natural, grown-at-home and elegant.”

Jennifer went on to explain, “Virginia is filled with beauty; natural, historical and architectural. As the late spring turned to summer, I thought about the earthly beauty that can be found in meadows, farm fields and gardens. Katie and I have created some beautiful designs that look gathered and then artfully arranged. We are bringing the natural environment into your home and on to your picnic table.”

Peonies, Hydrangea, Ranunculus and Amaranthus

Peonies, Hydrangea, Ranunculus and Amaranthus

“We also used some of the hot colors of summer.” Katie quickly reminds Jenn. “Hot pink is featured in two of our designs making them both so vibrant and interesting. We also used soft, citrus colors in a set of arrangements that create such a lovely palette when thrown against the lush greenery.”

Growing up in Western, Pennsylvania, Jennifer had an abundant supply of wild flowers to pick from allowing her to begin to exercise her creative floral instincts as a very young child. Our family table was always adorned with adorable little arrangements. I am seven-years older than Jenn and was caught up in Madonna, U2, afternoons at the pool and sunbathing. I failed to realize that as a young child she was already an artist and not just a barefooted kid with nothing to do but explore and play outside.

Sunflowers, Queen Anne's Lace and Spray Roses

Sunflowers, Queen Anne’s Lace and Spray Roses

Jennifer studied French at Albion College in Michigan. She spent a semester abroad studying art, history and the French countryside where she fell in love with the vast fields of flowers. Today, Jenn is an accomplished designer who describes her studio’s style as a combination of French Country and Edgy Modern. Jenn loves the designs in the collection that feature the sunflowers as they look like French impressionist paintings. “The impressionists loved to paint the natural world and I love to bring that natural world into people’s homes.”

Jennifer has invited me to join the staff at J. Morris Flowers in Leesburg, Virginia. I will be sharing all of the beautiful things that Jenn and her staff create for you every day. Today, I look at this summer collection and connect wonderful memories with these summer blooms; front doors wide-open, Pepsi (not diet) and sunshine.