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How to Pick the Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers

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Valentine's Day stands as a special occasion to express heartfelt feelings, often done best through the timeless gift of flowers. Selecting the ideal bouquet for your loved one on this day of romance can be both an exciting and overwhelming task. This guide is designed to help you navigate the nuances of floral language and make a choice that resonates with love and affection.

Understanding the Language of Flowers

The significance of flowers in the selection for Valentine's Day dates back to the Victorian era. During that time, flowers were employed as symbols to convey unspoken messages. Each flower and color holds a unique and meaningful representation:

  • Roses

    Traditionally, roses are the go-to choice for Valentine's Day. They symbolize love, beauty, and passion. The color of the rose further refines its message – red for deep love, pink for admiration, white for purity, and yellow for friendship.

  • Tulips

    Representing perfect love, tulips are a great alternative to roses. They come in a variety of colors, each with its own meaning, such as red for love and white for forgiveness.

  • Carnations

    These ruffled blooms signify fascination and new love, making them suitable for newer relationships.

  • Orchids

    Symbolizing luxury and strength, orchids are an elegant and exotic choice, reflecting deep admiration and uniqueness.

Selecting the Right Flowers for Your Valentine 

Valentine's Day is a special occasion to express your love and appreciation towards your significant other. And what better way to do so than with a beautiful bouquet. When choosing flowers for your loved one, consider their preferences and the message you wish to convey:

  • For a Traditional Romance: If your relationship is steeped in tradition and deep love, classic red roses are your best bet. They are a powerful symbol of romantic love and an enduring favorite on Valentine's Day.

  • For a Budding Relationship: For newer relationships, pink roses or tulips can be a charming choice. They convey admiration and the joy of getting to know someone, without the intensity of red roses.

  • For a Unique Connection: If your significant other appreciates the unconventional, consider orchids or mixed bouquets with less common flowers like anemones or ranunculus. These flowers add a touch of uniqueness and sophistication.

  • For a Friendship Turning Romantic: Yellow roses or daisies, which signify friendship and cheerfulness, can be a thoughtful choice if your relationship is transitioning from a platonic to a romantic one.

Popular Flowers for Valentine's Day 

Here's a list of popular flowers for Valentine's Day and their meanings:

  • Red Roses: Deep love and passion.
  • Pink Roses: Admiration and gentleness.
  • White Roses: Purity and innocence.
  • Lavender Roses: Enchantment and love at first sight.
  • Tulips: Perfect love and elegance.
  • Carnations: Fascination and new love.
  • Sunflowers: Adoration and loyalty.
  • Daisies: Innocence and cheerfulness.
  • Lilies: Beauty and devotion.

Alternative Flowers for a Distinctive Touch

For those looking to step outside the traditional, here are some alternative flowers:

  • Orchids: Exotic beauty and strength.

  • Peonies: Prosperity and Romance

  • Anemones: Anticipation and excitement.

  • Ranunculus: Radiant charm and excitement
  • Gardenias: Secret love and purity

Seasonal and Local Varieties

Choosing flowers that are in season and locally sourced not only supports local florists but also guarantees that your bouquet will be bursting with freshness and vibrancy. By opting for the best seasonal options, recommended by your knowledgeable local florist, you can add a unique and special touch to your Valentine's Day gift. 

Make this day unforgettable by surprising your loved one with a stunning arrangement of hand-picked flowers that perfectly capture the essence of the season. Celebrate love with nature's finest creations, carefully selected to convey your heartfelt emotions.

Size and Arrangement Style

The size and style of the bouquet you choose should reflect the nature and depth of your relationship.

  • Grand Arrangements: Suitable for significant milestones or long-term relationships, these can make a dramatic and romantic statement.

  • Simple, Elegant Bouquets: Ideal for newer relationships or a more understated expression of love.

The style, whether modern or traditional, should align with your partner's personal taste.

Adding Personal Touches

Personalizing your flower gift can elevate it from a beautiful gesture to an unforgettable memory.

A handwritten note adds a layer of intimacy and personal connection.

Complimentary gifts like a box of fine chocolates or a piece of delicate jewelry can enhance the overall impact of your gesture.

Practical Considerations

When selecting Valentine's Day flowers, it's not just the appearance that counts, but also their practical aspects. These considerations ensure that your gift is not only beautiful upon arrival but also remains a lasting token of your affection.

Ease of Care

Choose flowers that are easy to maintain. While exotic flowers are stunning, they often require specific care conditions. Opt for blooms that can thrive easily in a typical home environment, ensuring they remain a delightful reminder of your love for days, if not weeks.


Be mindful of any allergies your partner may have. Fragrant flowers like lilies can be overpowering for some. If in doubt, hypoallergenic flowers like roses, tulips, or orchids are safer choices.


Certain flowers naturally possess a longer-lasting allure than others. Take, for instance, chrysanthemums, carnations, and alstroemeria - renowned for their enduring beauty even after being cut. A bouquet featuring these blooms serves as a poignant symbol of your unwavering affection.

When considering different flowers, it's wise to inquire about their vase life. While some may dazzle upon presentation, others may wither or lose their lustre swiftly. Opting for flowers with an extended vase life ensures that your heartfelt gift continues to bestow joy for an extended period.

Transportation and Delivery

Consider how the flowers will be transported and delivered. Ensure they are properly packaged and handled with care, especially if they need to travel a long distance. A reputable florist like J. Morris Flowers can offer advice on the best options for delivery.


The way the flowers are presented can make a significant difference. A beautiful vase, a decorative ribbon, or even special wrapping can enhance the overall appeal and show an extra level of care and attention.

By taking these practical considerations into account, you can ensure that your Valentine's Day flower gift is not only stunning but also a convenient and lasting symbol of your love and thoughtfulness.


Picking the perfect Valentine's Day flowers is an art that balances understanding the language of flowers, considering personal preferences, and adding unique, thoughtful touches. The effort and love you put into choosing the right bouquet are what truly make it special. Let your floral gift be a heartfelt symbol of your love and admiration this Valentine's Day.

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