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Groom: Do you know you are wearing a flower at your wedding?

Jennifer Morris

Here are some quick tips and ideas for selecting and caring for your boutonniere.


Care for your boutonniere

Your boutonniere always goes on the left side. We have seen a few photos of weddings where the entire wedding party got it wrong, which is way better than half, but we know you want to get it right.

1.     Take your jacket off to hug family and friends and give your boutonniere a rest

2.    Hang your jacket with boutonniere on the back of a chair.

3.    Keep your jacket out of direct sunlight.

Here is a step-by-step video that gives you the proper technique for putting on a boutonniere.


Flowers need water to stay fresh. As you enjoy the party, your boutonniere is losing ground. Here is a list of flowers that will last in the heat and potentially stand up to a lot of hugging.

Rose • Ranunculus • Freesia • Mini Calla Lily • Thistle • Rosemary

Additionally, most boutonnieres are less than $20.00. Consider buying a second one for the halfway point of your day.

Choose a style that suits the overall plan for the wedding flowers

Here are some ideas for boutonnieres based on the style you and your bride are trying to achieve.

A more natural look

A more natural look

Natural: We like to let the stems show for a natural look, but we also love twine or burlap if you want the stems covered. There are a lot of plants that are very natural looking but still provide color like thistle, billy ball and some variety of succulents. Herbs are very beautiful and provide shades of green.

Pink and navy for a preppy look

Pink and navy for a preppy look

Preppy: Shades of pink and ivory with a hint of navy will achieve the preppy look. Ribbon also gets the job done with stripes or textures like linen.

Elegant: Rose, ranunculus, calla lily, silk or satin ribbons in subtle colors.

Themed: Recently, I made the flowers for a good friend whose husband is an auto mechanic. He wanted his boutonniere to reflect his passion – cars, so I meticulously wrapped copper wire around the stems for an industrial twist.

Colors that pop

You can help your bride enhance her beautifully executed wedding theme by using a little “pop” of a color that she loves (but just doesn’t want in her bridal bouquet). Turquoise, burgundy or even coral flowers or ribbon gives you, the groom, a little lift.

A few colorful choices

A few colorful choices

However, there are a couple of things that we suggest you avoid.

1.     If you are wearing a bright tie, stick with the softer colors your bride has chosen. We certainly don’t want you to look clown-like.

2.    Pocket squares tend to make the lapel look too busy when you use a bright color. This is another instance where a softer or muted boutonniere makes more sense.