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Floral Design Trend: Fine Arts-Inspired Design

Jennifer Morris

Take a look at some designs we’ve made here at the J. Morris Flowers studio to inspire you to get excited about fine art-inspired floral designs.

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                                                    J. Morris Flowers design |  Once Like a Spark Photography 

Whimsical, unexpected, glorious, etherial, large & bold blooms -all describes the hottest trend in floral design right now.  I call it the Fine Arts Movement in Floral Design. Classically inspired artful design made to look like your favorite still life painting!

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                                                                                    Painting by Rachel Ruysch, Dutch 1716

These works of art are filled with garden-inspired blooms like Peonies, Ranunculus, tea roses, Scabiosa, orange blossom, jasmine vine, Queen Anne’s Lace, olive branch, bush ivy, too many to name. So beautiful they don’t look real, and they definitely break all the “rules” of American floral design. No more rigid, boring designs, and BEGONE giant ball of flowers! FINALLY, my two favorite passions blended together – fine art and flowers. Vermeer, eat your heart out!

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                                                                      Design: J. Morris Flowers  | Venue: Bluemont Vineyard

The secret to this arch design was to make it seem if it was always growing in this spot at Bluemont Vineyard in Bluemont, Virginia. Curly willow to add vines and a-symmetrically placed blooms are the other key elements. LARGE blossoms mixed with smaller delicate blooms are essential to create that fine-art inspired feeling.