Hand-tied bridal bouquet: how it's made


Floral Design is a blend of artistry and craftsmanship and the hand-tied bridal bouquet is the pinnacle of the designer's mastery. The expression "hand-tied" aptly describes exactly how these bouquets are arranged, with just the designers hands, a few peices of tape, ribbon and occasionally a little bit of wire. I recently made a large and colorful bouquet for my nephew's new bride, Susie, and we photographed the process step-by-step for you. 

A hand-tied bouquet takes a lot of time and concentration, and at times, we are nearly hidden behind our work. A more compact, structured design is just as time consuming as we analyze each flower, creating focal points and a balance of texture and color. For more information about the anatomy (greens and blooms) of a bridal bouquet, click the button below.