Hunt Country Celebrations Marketing Survey 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this survey created by the HCC Marketing Committee. We are so thrilled to work with you all to build on the unbelievable success of the founders of this group and work to strengthen the tools we use to ensure we are successful as a group for years to come. Please know that this survey is completely confidential. Thank you for your time! 

Please select the answer that you feel is the most important to you.
4. Do you track your leads that you receive from Hunt Country Celebrations members?
Write the amount of leads you receive per month below.
6. Do you feel that sharing a certain number of leads should be a requirement of each Hunt Country Celebrations member?
Please write the number of leads per month you feel would be adequate.
8. Do you feel members should be required to attend a certain number of meetings per year?
9. Would you be willing to track the leads you give each month and share that information at our monthly meetings?
10. Does your company currently participate in the Washington Wedding Experience as part of the Hunt Country Celebrations booth?
If so, which shows? Check all that apply.
Write the numbers of leads you received from the show.
Write number of bookings below.
13. Do you feel you had an easier or more difficult time converting these leads to a booking/sale?
14. Are you interested in receiving training for you and your staff how to conduct an effective trade-show experience?
15. Do you feel there are other major bridal shows that would better suit the needs of Hunt Country Celebrations? Please check all that apply.
17. Do you feel that Hunt Country Celebrations marketing efforts have a clear and consistent brand?
18. Do you feel the Hunt Country Celebrations group would benefit from a tagline? (Ex. Nike - Just do it.)
19. Which of these key words best describe the Hunt Country Celebrations services as a group? These in turn will help to develop a branding and marketing strategy.
20. Do you feel the current Hunt Country Celebrations logo is an effective visual tool in attracting couples to our services?
21. Is there a portion of the logo would you like to see revised? Check all that apply.
22. What colors do you feel best convey the look and feel of Hunt Country Celebrations?
23. Do you feel the structure and layout of the Hunt Country Celebrations website is user friendly?
24. What areas of the website do you feel needs revising?
25. Do you feel the Hunt Country Celebrations website is visually appealing?
26. Do you feel there should be revisions made to the visual design of the website? If so, check any areas you feel need revising.
27. Do you feel that the current Hunt Country Celebration brochure is effective in attracting couples to the group’s services?
28. On the brochure, what elements of the design do you feel need to be revised?