Gorgeous Greens for Your Winter Wedding

A winter wedding can be just as glamorous and beautiful as a wedding planned for the height of summer. And, what’s more, Mother Nature can have her way with the world outside while you and your guests enjoy evening shadows, candlelight, the warmth of friends and family and the beautiful greens that enrich the colors of winter. When you plan a winter wedding in Northern Virginia, you have the opportunity to work with some of our most popular venues and vendors with little concern about whether wind or rain will make a dent in your plans.  


This week at J. Morris Flowers, we played around with some of our favorite winter greens discussing the colors and styles of arrangements that you won’t see during the warmer months of the year. White, ivory, cream, red, burgundy, deep purple, navy and a variety of greens create a rich tableau of color allowing you to choose from among the full cadre of popular wedding styles. Woodsy and natural, elegant and romantic, pretty and demure: winter greens add rich color, scent and texture.

We designed the wedding reception centerpiece (shown above) in our studio with some of our favorite florals and greeneries in a birch vase. White and Ivory stems include Polo Roses, Ivory Spray Roses and Ornamental Kale.


This is winter’s answer to the texture, scent and leggy-ness that we love about Rosemary in the warmer months. Boxwood allows us to create movement in our design by poking out of a bouquet or centerpiece. The leaves are several shades of green from bright medium to dark green.


This is a verdant green with a  warm-red stem and branches adding a pinch of color to your bouquet and arrangement. As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, reds, burgundies and deep purple find their way in to weddings pallettes. This green helps to add just a hint color to any arrangement including an all-white and ivory bouquet.



Another green with unique texture (perfectly rounded berries and long, thin leaves) and the potential for a power packed scent (if you massage it lightly in your fingers). Privet is very similar but provides a hint of navy in place of this pink or red berry. Pepperberry and Privet drape well breaking the line of the vase for movement in the design.


We are using this wonderfully citrus and piney scented green in everything this winter as it is so full and lush. Looking for woodsy? Cedar will accomplish that style. Looking for draping or loose looking arrangements? Cedar adds movement and dimension with its delicate branches and shoots.

There are so many other greens to choose from including the seeded Eriostemon shown in our centerpiece above characterized by its remarkable citrusy-pine scent.