Meghan Markle's Bridal Bouquet: The flowers

Wasn't it fun to watch the royal wedding with real-time anticipation for the dress, the bouquet, the car on loan from the Queen, the invited guests and so much more. I was so amazed that the organizers were able to keep so many of the royal wedding details a secret until each impressive moment. Broadcasters and royal family experts were surprised and delighted when they saw Meghan's dress designed by Claire Waight Keller of Givenchy, a designer who was not on a lot of the short lists commentators had created. 

Those that speculated about the flowers in the bridal bouquet suggested she would carry one of Princess Diana's favorite flowers - white Garden Roses. Instead the bouquet included Forget Me Nots and Lily of the Valley, both part of the recipe from Diana's own dramatic cascading bouquet. According to several sources, Prince Harry picked some of the flowers for the bouquet from their private gardens. (Did you see the BBC tweet that suggested "find someone who looks at you the way Harry looks at Meghan?") 


What a pretty bouquet it was and so very delicate. This particular Phillippa Craddock design is quite dimiuitive compared to the bigger, naturally cascading bouquets popular among many brides in the United States. A quick look at her web-site, though, shows that many of her designs are much bigger and fuller. Are we learning that this is a style popular among the "royals"?

The bouquet was packed with tradition. Myrtle was said to carried by Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Victoria, and is a symbol of love. Diana carried Forget Me Knots and Lily of the Valley, as did Kate Middleton, in honor of her mother-in-law, when she married Prince William. Since all of the photos of the bouquet are copyrighted, we've included a link to a post that has lots of pretty pictures. Enjoy!