Our Thanksgiving Centerpiece Collection

The table you set for Thanksgiving may be the prettiest of the year. The colors and texture of our  traditional foods create a rich tableau for the decor that you choose. It's a day that presents so many ways for you to express your personal style as you create this warm but elegant atmosphere.

Cymbidium Orchids in "Charlie Brown."

Cymbidium Orchids in "Charlie Brown."

There are so many beautiful flower varieties available this time of year. As I created this Thanksgiving Collection, I was determined to bring you some of the very finest. You can choose one of these designs, or call us to discuss a custom arrangement. I hope that you will take a moment to learn the names of each stem and study the interesting colors and textures that we will be carrying in our studio through the month of November. The Disbud Mum and Ornamental Kale in "Bountiful" are a lovely contrast in color and shape. Cymbidium Orchid in "Charlie Brown" combines so elegantly with Magnolia Leaves and Cedar in "Thanksgiving in Loudoun." The textured yellows found in Yarrow and Craspedia and the deep Oranges Roses in "Thanks and Praise" are positively vibrant. We created all of these designs in the white-washed wooden boxes shown here because they allow us to create low, but lush arrangements for your table in the "rustic but elegant" style that is so popular. 


Bountiful has it all - every color and texture of Fall in a 20" wooden box. This arrangement will fill your table but is designed to sit below eye level so that your guests can engage in lively conversation. 

Thanksgiving in Loudoun- "TIL"

This arrangement is shown in a 12" white-washed wooden box. All of our arrangements are created in foam so that you can continue to provide moisture and extend the life of your arrangement. Our arrangements can have taper candles added to them and because "TIL" is slightly smaller, you'll have plenty of room for dishes and sides. 

Thanks and Praise

We love the depth of color in "Thanks and Praise." This arrangement was created for the center of your table, a buffet or even your mantle. Because it's more compact, it's also a perfect gift for your host or hostess. They'll appreciate the thoughtfulness, the addition of color to their table and the versatility of this design.

Please use this link to order your favorite arrangement or call us to speak to one of my designers about your own custom arrangement at 703-779-3530.