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More About Purple and Plum Flowers

We are making a lot of purple wedding florals in 2017. Lavender, purple and plum to be exact. Here are some varieties you can choose. Lepold, Ewell, Birds of a Feather and Tony O'Dell Photography.

Purple is a wonderful color choice for weddings. Regal and romantic, purple allows for that perfect juxtaposition of styles that so many brides are trying to achieve with their wedding decor. There are so many beautiful variations of purple from lavender to lilac, berry to plum; the floral kingdom is full of gorgeous blooms that capture each hue while offering incredible texture. We are always following the latest trends in color selection for brides, blush with navy, shades of white with green and bright colors fully flexed with the selection of vibrant flowers. And, yet, purple may find its way onto our “best florals for 2017” list thanks to quite a few brides in Northern Virginia.

Earlier this month, we featured Kristina Roy's wedding at Inn at Willow Grove and the captivating tableau that she created using purple and burgundy to create contrast. 

Kristina wasn’t our only Spring bride to use lavender and plum wedding florals to tremendous effect. Here are a few purple blends that also captured our imaginations. 

Jessica used two colors, plum and lavender for her bridesmaid dresses, a perfect blend for bouquets that included ivory Spray Roses, Hyrdrangea, lavender Lisianthus, pink Raununculus and a white garden rose that has a soft peach center. The lavender flower, Lisianthus, is a soft-toned floral that opens like a rose. Her Lost Creek Winery wedding included deep purple Lilac in her centerpieces and ceremony arrangements futher extending her color palette. 

Maura’s Riverside on the Potomac had a romantic yet rustic feel. Her bouquet had purple and white Lisianthus, purple Stock, ivory Spray Roses, Babies Breath, Thistle and a lovely assortment of greenery including Rosemary. She used navy and lace ribbon for her bouquet to blend the blue tones of the Thistle and greeneries and her fiances tie.   

Photo by Liz DeMenno.

Photo by Liz DeMenno.

Diane loved the idea of white, plum and blue for her Breaux Vineyard wedding. She wanted to carry blue Hydrangea (a favorite flower of a beloved family member) with white Peonies in her own bouquet infusing plum into her attendant bouquets and ceremony flowers. Her wine barrel arrangements had two different shades of purple Hydrangea and Stock in a perfect shade of plum. 

Kristina’s bouquets included Lavender Ocean Song Roses and Scabiosa, both very soft shades of Lavender and purple. We use Ocean Song a lot, it's a gorgeous standard rose that’s easy on a floral budget and a true expression of the color lavender.

Pamela Lepold Photogaphy.

Pamela Lepold Photogaphy.

Your floral consultation is your opportunity to learn about the floral varieties that will help you to achieve your color pallete. Your floral designer should be willing to take the time to provide you with some examples or photos (depending on the season). Bring a photo of your dress and a sample of your bridesmaid dresses for a true color match.