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Why Send a Flower Wrap?


What an exciting Mother’s Day at J. Morris Flowers. It was record breaking for us and we loved spending the whole week surrounded by our favorite Spring blooms. To top it off, so many of our customers chose to send or a wrap of flowers, and I loved it.


Why? Two reasons. First, the way we package a wrap appeals to my sense of style, it feels modern and sophisticated. We use market paper, twine and ribbon with letting the tops of the spring blooms peer out from the paper. I always say, women are hard wired for flowers. And, if it feels like the flowers and greens were handpicked just for us, we feel loved and appreciated. Second, it tells me that there are more and more talented people in Loudoun County who have an interest in working with flowers themselves, creating a design that suits their personal style.


We make it easy order a wrap. Whether you order on-line, call in advance or walk-in for a wrap on the go, we will take a few important steps to make sure that your gift has the impact you were hoping for. First, we’ll select a medley of flowers that will be make for a balanced design with colors and contrast that work well together. Then, we’ll process each flower by trimming the bottoms and clearing the excess foliage that mildews in water. We peel away the guard petals so the inner flower shows. We’ll even take some time to prepare a basic weave of the flowers so they could go right into a vase if desired.

 If we’re delivering a wrap for you, we can tube the stems so they have a source of water while they wait for the receiver to begin their design.

 A wrap does not come in a vase. (Thought I should make sure thats clear.) That’s why it’s important that the recipient has a small collection of vases with which to work. Maybe your not sure that they do. Contact Meredith in our studio, we have quite a few outstanding items that are available for retail purchase, and yes, we will deliver that, too. It really is important to have a good collection of vases and the search for unique vases can get addicting. That may be the perfect thing to buy for that loved one who has everything. My sister picks the vase she wants to use for the weekly flowers she arranges before she picks the flowers. A different vase for each season is a nice idea, and you may want to buy a short and tall vase for varied designs. So add vases to the list of things that you can buy for that special someone in your life who has a fancy flowers. You can never have enough scarves and you can never have enough vases.

Ready to give a flower warp a try. Check out our Collections pages to see what we have to offer.

Two New Spring Collections for J. Morris Flowers

Our new Flower Market Collection features nine designs ranging in price from $65 to $85 plus delivery. Call us to order a design for pick-up beginning at $40.

Our new Flower Market Collection features nine designs ranging in price from $65 to $85 plus delivery. Call us to order a design for pick-up beginning at $40.

Flower Market Collection

I designed our Flower Market Collection with simplicity in mind. The arrangements are made from bunches Spring blooms found at any flower stand this time of year. You may even have them in your own garden. We have to take advantage of designing with bulb flowers like Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth and Iris. Their colors are so vivid. We capture the essence of springtime and new beginnings and in the designs and because they are modern and a little less complex, we are able to price them to fit any budget. It’s nice to be able to send flowers just to give someone a lift. This collection is perfect for these moments.

I plan to have flower market options available throughout the year that capture each season in a stunning yet casual way. 

Artisan Collection

The Artisan Collection is my luxury collection inspired by some of my favorite works in The Louvre in Paris, France. Have you ever seen the massive “Coronation of Napoleon” by Jacque-Louis Davide? Even though I was studying a painting from 1807, I was mindful to chose flowers, vases and an overall design style that reflects current trends in home fashion.

Realism, inspired by a painting in Le Louvre in Paris France is $115.

Realism, inspired by a painting in Le Louvre in Paris France is $115.

Two of the arrangements, “Gracious” and “Realism” feature a marine blue vase with a kaleidoscope of colors in yellow, peach, hot pink and shades of green. To get this color palette in the design, I chose pink and white Stock, pink Garden Roses, hot pink Veronica, pale pink and white Ranunculus, yellow Calla Lilies and a few supporting Roses. A mix of my favorite greens and a few blooming branches complete the designs. 

Impessionist in a cut-glass vase for $90.

Impessionist in a cut-glass vase for $90.

“Impressionist” and “Inspired” come in a cut glass vase and represent the glass pyramid found at the entrance to the museum. Each design includes the more unique Hellebore in plum. This flower has a waxy petal surface and a yellow center. It’s really a hearty flower, perfect for delivered arrangements. White Ranunculus and Garden Roses are surrounded by plum colored Tulips, lavender Sweet Pea and purple Hyacinth. The greeneries are some of my favorite and include the foliage from Geranium, Pennycress and Umbrella Fern. This color palette is one of my favorites for spring in lavender, purple, white and green. 

To round out the spring colors in the collection, I designed “Joyful” and “Watercolor” in shades of pink and white. These arrangements are feminine with mix of blooms perfect for the woman in your life. The designs include Garden Roses, Rice Flower, flowering branches and emerald green leaves. 

Joyful for $90.

Joyful for $90.

These two designs come in a gold ornate vase reminiscent of the gilded frames that house the paintings in the Louvre’s galleries. “The Wedding Feast at Cana” by Paolo Veronese includes so many shades of muted pastels including soft pinks and mauve.

The last arrangement is “Painter” arranged in a stone vase with a lively combination of the colors in this entire collection. This design includes Snapdragons and Huckleberry get added to the flowers that we have used in other designs.

I’d love to know which designs appeal to you most. Use the comment option below to give us some feedback on the flowers and vases that we have chosen.

Truly White Flowers for Your Wedding

All white wedding flowers... an elegant and timeless choice for brides and grooms and a floral style that has persisted for centuries. Earlier this Spring, I shared details about Queen Victoria's bouquet of all white flowers, a tradition among the royal family that has transcended centuries culminating with Meghan Markle's gorgeous bouquet in May. The beauty and romance of white flowers is playing out in venues all over Northern Virginia and Washington DC this year. We have already met with many wedding couples planning to use white florals well into 2019 and 2020. 

A few of the flowers that we like to use when we are designing weddings with white florals.

A few of the flowers that we like to use when we are designing weddings with white florals.

There are some things to consider if you are planning to work with truly white flowers and those considerations will have a lot to do with the flowers that you choose. Use this blog as a guide to selecting your white flowers. 

The distinction between white and ivory flowers


We can achieve pure white flowers for your wedding but we will need to be very selective. Flowers like Lisianthus, Stock, Tulips, Orchids and Anenomes are "go to" flowers for us that have a cooler shade. They are wonderful varieties to work with, especially in your bouquets. The team at J. Morris Flowers has worked very closely with our wholesalers to choose varieties of Roses and Spray Roses that are more predictably white. This season we have a Standard Rose called Tibet and a Garden Rose called Princess Miyuki that are both showing a lovely cooler shade. In addition, Sweet Pea is pure white and Peony, Dahlia and Ranunculus have white varieties.

Next we will talk about your design. We can use one single variety of flower like white Garden Roses or Peonies if you like the idea of that rounder, tighter bouquet. (I think of this as a more glamorous or luxurious design style.) Or, we can use a selection of white floral varieties and create the equally popular, looser, less structured bouquet. (This design style achieves more contrast and texture as we use florals in different shapes and sizes and greens that create space between the flowers.) Both themes will continue as we plan for the florals and decor for the rest of your wedding. We prepared a beautiful wedding at Landsdowne Resort and Spa a few weeks ago that leaned heavily on white orchids for the ceremony and reception flowers. In this case, the bride carried a beautiful bouquet that featured Garden Roses and Peony with ample greens. 


Quite a few wedding couples come to us looking for a combination of white and ivory flowers. This duo is very classic looking but also timeless and romantic. Cream or ivory flowers work well for the bride who is wearing a warmer white or ivory dress or the groom who has selected an off-white shirt. Additionally, when we use white and ivory flowers together, we achieve a little more color contrast making each individual bloom a little more noticeable. Many standard Roses, Garden Roses and Spray Roses have a beautiful ivory hue. There are lots of traditional flowers that tend to look creamy white or ivory, flowers we would lean away from for your all white bouquet.

Greenery and white flowers

White Peony and Stock with Ruscus and Salal at Landsdowne Resort and Spa in Loudoun County, Virginia. Photograph by Kristen Gardner Photography.

White Peony and Stock with Ruscus and Salal at Landsdowne Resort and Spa in Loudoun County, Virginia. Photograph by Kristen Gardner Photography.

Greenery adds a coolness to a white only bouquet that helps to achieve that "truly white" look. Silver dollar Eucalyptus with it's hint of blue and gray is a nice cool temperature. Dusty Miller, with it's soft silvery leaf, has the same impact. Ruscus, Lemon Leaf (Salal) and Nandina are a shown in many of the photos in this blog and are perfect for breaking up the spaces between white flowers.

If you are really hoping for truly white flowers, make sure you stress that with your floral designer. It may mean that you will want to choose some of the flowers mentioned here and ask for advice about some of the Roses that are available during your wedding season.