Behind the Brand: Design, Blooms, La Vie


Design, Blooms, La Vie. Three oh-so important words, so important that I put them right in my logo. Three words that represent my work, mission, and passion here at the J. Morris Flowers floral design studio. Three words that my clients, friends and supporters can learn about and believe what's behind these three key words? 


How I define...DESIGN

- noun - 1. a unique collection of blooms that convey a unique message, style, or emotion for any project - large or small

- verb - 2. using the latest trends and techniques in creating a work of beauty for each client we serve.

Designing for a client is all about listening. It's our job to understand the message the flowers need to convey whether it be a certain color, a favorite flower, or a unique style. Maybe hydrangea remind you of the times you spent at the beach with your best friend, and you want to tell her you're thinking of her. Or maybe a whimsical, country-style, loose design with a touch of rosemary reminds you of your grandmother's farm, and it's her 90th birthday. So when we listen, it's these critical details that we can hear and translate into a design that has meaning and heart for the receiver - and that in turn gets your message across with the beauty of flowers. It becomes the perfect gift. 

And when it comes to designing for a wedding, that task of listening becomes even more important.  I love to listen and learn about a couple, their desires for the space where they will share a personal vow to each other, and then celebrate with their closest family and friends. When we listen, we can learn and understand a couple's personal style and ultimately what will make them truly happy and content on their wedding day.  At J. Morris Flowers, we then become a chameleon for our clients determining the ideal combination of flowers, colors and decor elements that will enhance this personal space - from the most luxurious ballroom reception, to a quaint vineyard ceremony. I pull from my vast knowledge of flower varieties, latest trends, and decor options and guide you through the process. I don't create for me as a designer, but for you. Working together we end up with is a look that is uniquely yours...that can never be duplicated. 

How I define...BLOOMS

- noun - the cultivation of unique and stunning flowers from the best local and international growers.

I am continually in search of the highest quality growers, luxury blooms, and new and unique varieties. This is why "blooms" is part of our tagline. Flowers in and of themselves are a luxury. Sure, they don't last forever. But while they are with us they offer so much beauty, fragrance, and evoke so much joy.

From the dawn of time, flowers have been part of the human experience. Flowers have shown us where fruit will soon grow on a tree, ivy and flower crowns have adorned the heads of Grecian athletes, fresh flowers have graced the tables of king's, and have been the subject of the most renowned paintings. We need flowers in our lives - aren't I right? They really make us happy.  And at J. Morris Flowers I want to offer you the most unique and luxurious offerings from our local and international growers. 

We recently partnered with Passion Growers and Mayesh who both provide the highest quality, most unusual products sourced from growers from around the world. How does this benefit you? Amazing fresh flowers straight from the grower! And, we are dedicated to using Loudoun growers whenever possible. 


How I define...LA VIE

We recently partnered with Passion Growers and Mayesh who both provide the highest quality, most unusual products sourced from growers from around the world. How does this benefit you? Amazing fresh flowers straight from the grower! And, we are dedicated to using Loudoun growers whenever possible. 


- a flower way of life - celebrating a true passion for floral design while sharing the pure joy that flowers bring to our everyday lives.

I know you're out there! Just like so many food lovers call themselves a "foodie",  I consider all of you flower lovers a "bloomie". You know who you are. You love flowers, love to learn about them, how to design with them, and you are drawn to them for so many reasons.

This idea of "La Vie", as part of the J. Morris Flowers brand, is a tribute to the Europeans love affair with flowers that I experienced while living in France and traveling throughout Europe. Hence the choice of the word La Vie (translation: life). I went to France to learn the language...and at the same time ignited a life-long passion for floral design and the international world of flowers. Throughout my travels, I realized the sophisticated relationship the people there have with flowers. They are a part of their everyday lives in a much deeper way then here in the U.S. One would never visit the market without picking up a fresh bundle of flowers for their table. And, I quickly fell in love with the luxurious formal gardens that seemed to be in the heart of every city - meticulously maintained and always in bloom. And the grand and centuries old market in Holland make flowers affordable and available on every street corner. 

I feel this movement getting stronger in the U.S. and I want to not only join in but help lead the charge. So I have started this blog to help educate and keep an open and ongoing conversation about the flower world and floral design in hopes to educate those who want to learn. I welcome all of you to stop in my studio anytime to see what we're up to, what new varieties we have in stock, and to chat about flowers. And I can't wait to start up our floral design classes in winter of 2016.

I hope you will make J. Morris Flowers a part of your la vie!