Valentine's Day 2016: Does Size Really Matter?

What Women Want Vs. What Men Buy 

The perfect question for Valentine's Day...does size really matter? Eh, hem...when it comes to Valentine's Day flowers that is? What does the modern woman want on Valentine's Day?  

For 40 plus years the standard has been the dozen roses in a vase - splendid and tall...did I mention tall? Sure long-stem roses are an item of beauty to behold, but has it been done too many times? Has it lost it's luster? 

Here at J. Morris Flowers, we believe it has! There are so many unique and luxurious blooms to win her heart - from English Garden Roses, to Anemone and Ranunculus, to orchids and Scabiosa, to tea roses and double tulips. Too many to mention.

And wouldn't it be so wonderful to give her some of the most beautiful and unique flowers the growers of the world have to offer? Flowers and design so unique - as unique as your love for her? YES, yes, yes!  Oh boy...I got a little get carried away there. But on a recent survey 80 percent of the women we asked said unique flowers in a low lush style in a perfectly shaped design won their hearts. 

We certainly will always have the dozen or even two dozen rose arrangement on hand whenever you need it - but this Valentine's season, if you need a new trick up your sleeve, consider a different kind of arrangement. One that J. Morris Flowers specializes in...low, full of flowers and a luxurious style design. We know it will win here over!